Nursing room (Zundanu Kid's room)

To pursue their research and educational goals while raising their children, The room is available free of charge to all employees and students in engineering*, Tohoku University.

There are no childcare persons in the room. Keep a child attended or ask a babysitter by yourself.

  • Eligible children: From 6 months old to 6th-year of elementary school
  • Open Hours: Everyday 8:30-20:00 (Except foundation day, administrative summer and winter holidays)
  • Advanced reservations required. Please contact the e-mail address below at least 3 days before usage. (Feel free to contact on the day in emergency case.)
  • Children in the acute phase of infectious disease and having the risk of transmitting to another person cannot use the room.
  • Take full responsibility for your actions during the usage of the nursing room. Tohoku university assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage, loss, prejudice or emotional distress caused by use of the nursing room.

For the purpose of breastfeeding, expressing breast milk and/or changing a diaper, please use the women’s lounge which is next to the nursing room. The key of the women’s lounge is rented on the general administration division of the school of engineering (3rd floor of center hall, Weekday 8:30-17:00).