I.Nurturing women researchers/students in engineering

  • Allocating supporting staff to faculty members who need to take care of their small children.
  • SoCCER: Support program of Child Care Expenses (usage fee of babysitters and day care) for Researchers in Engineering (men and women).
  • STEP-ALicE Program (Supporting part of the travel expenses to young women researcher for academic conference participation, joint research and so on.)
  • Maintenance and improvement of childcare space & nursing room.
  • Recommendation to improve campus pleasant for women students and researchers, such as setting up the lounge for women.

II.Introducing the attractiveness of engineering and activities of women researchers/students in engineering

  • Introducing research life and activities of women researchers and men researchers who actively take care of their children in collaboration with “Miyagi-no-Shinbun”
  • Managing engineering learning programs for next-gen.

III. Enhancing information exchange and sharing

  • Organizing networking events of women students and researchers.
  • Organizing seminars about career development for women students.
  • Advice for addressing problems of women students and researchers.
  • Providing information about the campus and regional maternity and child care.
  • The information exchange and sharing with the mailing list of women in engineering.
Ⅳ.Promotion of our activities.