ALicE (Association of Leading Women Researchers in Engineering) has been established in 2013, with the purpose of promoting gender equality and supporting women researchers so that it serve as a good model for others.

Unfortunately, the percentage of female students and women professors (researchers) and less than 10% of the whole, in the Engineering, Tohoku University. However, it is important to take advantage of the power of women as one of its diversity, and respect the diversity in the realization of a truly prosperous society.

To achieve a society in which women can continue their career in the field of engineering without undue worries, we implement the measures to support & enhance women researchers and students in engineering field!

※ ALicE’s support program is for those who are mainly affiliated with the following departments/institutes; Engineering, Information Sciences, Environmental Studies, Biomedical Engineering, International Research Institute of Disaster Science, New Industry Creation Hatchery Center and Center for Innovative Integrated Electoric Systems


ALicE’s Character “Zundanuki”

“Zundanuki” is green-colored Japanese raccoon, living in Aoba-Yama.

“Zunda” means mashed boiled green soybeans which is famous local food in Tohoku area, and “Tanuki” means Japanese raccoon.